Kazakhstan’s legal framework for oil products and green energy

It is generally recognized that oil products and green energy are a global commodity and the energy market, together with the oil and gas industry, constitute one of Kazakhstan’s main platforms for activity in various markets. Many local and foreign players are interested in this activity and, as a matter of course, this platform has its own rules and regulations.

Kazakhstan has more than 250 oil and gas fi elds and approximately 204 subsoil use contracts for raw hydrocarbons. There are currently over 2,000 companies in the oil and gas industry in Kazakhstan. Each country globally regulates its activities through its own unique legal framework. Participants in oil and gas projects are commonly foreign companies that need support, particularly in international legislation.

The success of any O&G deal for all its participants, whether it is exploration, production, or oil search depends on the specialists involved in its execution. They start with strategy and tactics for the company's actions in terms of laws and legal regulatory provisions. Experienced consulting firms that specialize in international legislation can also provide legal support for a transnational project. Muratov Partners is among such companies.

Muratov Partners has been in business representing clients successfully for seven years. The company has a regional presence through its branches in three cities: Nur-Sultan, Almaty and Atyrau. It represents high-profi le clients in various fi elds, including oil, gas and energy. The fi rm’s legal team has extensive experience in consulting and resolving legal cases and is in daily contact with many different companies for this purpose. The fi rm's legal specialists are versatile and highly experienced in many areas of law.
A recent case handled by Muratov Partners involved a high-profileclient project considering an oil product purchase.

The legal team’s main task was an expert analysis of the product and clarifi cation of the client’s rights and obligations if the client purchased the product and its further use. The major goal in such projects is to help the client understand the process and essence of the product. In order to achieve these goals, the fi rm's lawyers studied regulations, All-Union State Standards (GOSTs), and other documents, and conducted extensive research on the basis of which a fi nal memorandum was prepared for the client. By virtue of this work the client company was fully prepared for the product and understood all the legal aspects of working with it.
The client then understood the regulatory background, the product’s requirements, taxation obligations, risks entailed, and other crucial issues.

At the last stage of the deal, the client requested to go directly to the site and evaluate the product on the spot to verify the authenticity of contracts that were previously signed by him in view of the acquisition process, and so forth. These full turnkey support services bringing the project to a successful conclusion constitute a professional principle and refl ect the values of Muratov Partners.

This intensive level of legal support requires the participation of highly qualifi ed specialists and lawyers. The oil and gas industry is one of the most promising and challenging legal areas in Kazakhstan. The fi rm's senior lawyer has extensive experience handling legal matters for large local and international companies. One such company desined a Global Share Purchase Program, by which the company off ers its shares to employees who have worked for a certain number of years. They developed this fi nancial instrument and introduced it into the Kazakh legal framework.

Another recent case involved a company client whose interests were protected and, as a result, multimillion-dollar fines were canceled.