Townhouse as an asset

This year Kazakhstan real estate sector is experiencing a construction boom. It can be observed in all housing classes. More and more area gets built, and its cost is only increasing with each season. This situation can be explained by a number of reasons, the main one being, as noted by many experts in the field, the pent-up demand due to the pandemic restrictions in 2020. The cost per square meter is also affected by the rise in the price of construction materials.

Another important factor is the possibility of withdrawing pension savings, which most residents have directed to the purchase of real estate or to pay off debts on existing mortgage loans. In general, the demand for housing has been growing, causing a price increase.

Experts on Kazakhstan's housing market predict that this trend is likely to cause a bubble effect, with prices hitting their peak and then falling. This trend could affect mostly 4th and 3rd category residential properties. The opposite situation is with the high-end real estate of 1st and 2nd categories. Experts say that in this segment prices will continue to rise.

"Real estate is one of the most popular investment targets in Kazakhstan and CIS countries, - says Samat Amalbayev, commercial director of KUB management and manager of New Estate construction projects. - At the moment the price per square meter of the second and third phases of our Blackberry Hills business-class townhouses is quite high, while the demand is also high, although, of course, the question of price remains a priority in this category of real estate."

What influences the price

The cost per square meter of housing is formed by a number of factors. The complexity of the construction, the class, the number of floors, the necessary infrastructure, and most importantly the location of the housing. For example, in Almaty, the cost of construction in different parts of the city will vary: the condition of the soil, the depth of the rock foundation under the ground, the cost of the land in the area, etc. - all of it will have an impact on the price. The price is also affected by the quality of materials used in the construction and finishing of the building. An important factor in the pricing is the infrastructure of the residential area and the accessibility of facilities nearby. The accessibility of schools, supermarkets, shopping malls, etc., adds to the cost of housing.
Moreover, according to the tacit rules of the real estate development market, the cost of the object increases significantly with the approaching completion date. On average, the prices of new housing by the time the construction is finished rise by 25-30%.

Real estate as an investment

From the beginning the concept of our club town was based on providing maximum comfort and safety for families with children. In the design and construction of BlackBerry Hills townhouses we took into account all the most pressing needs of the townsfolk. Ecologically clean area and convenient location in terms of accessibility to all necessary infrastructure for the family. The residential complex is designed as a closed mini-town surrounded by greenery. Each townhouse has a terrace and its own parking space. Despite the large stained-glass windows, we have managed to ensure an earthquake resistance of 9-10 points. Each house also has a private backyard where the owner can set up a grill area, children's playground or a lawn. The town's private format with 24/7 patrolled security and video surveillance allows residents to move freely and be completely safe.
But over the last year we began to notice that many of our clients are considering buying our townhouses as a long term investment to save and later on to increase their savings.
In Kazakhstan real estate remains one of the most popular investment assets due to the fact that it is more understandable and accessible for most people. So, for example, buying stock in the stock market requires certain knowledge and competence, not to mention its instability and dependence on many factors. Deposits in banks have low rates of return and certain risks associated with the reliability of the bank itself. Popular, for example, in the USA, direction of investing into startups is a good way to significantly multiply the invested capital, but it is not so developed in Kazakhstan yet. Besides, according to international statistics, 9 out of 10 start-ups still fail.
Against this background, investment in a clear tangible tangible asset, which has minimal risk of loss of invested capital, a significant increase in value, especially when purchased in the early stages of construction, the possibility to lease with an annual increase in the rate remains the most acceptable and profitable.

The investment appeal of Blackberry Hills

When it comes to our site, the main investment advantages are, firstly, the location. Year by year it gets more and more difficult for developers in Almaty to find a site higher than Al-Farabi Avenue for residential complexes. It is no secret that the avenue is now the most attractive both from the ecological point of view, and from the point of view of convenience and accessibility of urban infrastructure and the business center of the city. There is a gradually growing shortage of such premium land plots. Blackberry Hills townhouses have a unique location, a symbiosis of suburban scenery, clean air and quick access to the best infrastructure facilities of Almaty, 5 minutes drive from Al-Farabi Avenue.
Secondly, the price. At the moment the price of BBH townhouses is 15-20% lower than similar residential complexes. We have been successful in keeping the prices on a stable level thanks to the pre-planned purchase of construction materials and the absence of any credit debts. Over two years the cost of our townhouses has increased by 8% as compared to the market of similar real estate in Almaty, where price hikes of 15% to 20% were observed. This makes Blackberry Hills attractive in terms of investment in the asset with minimal risks.
Thirdly, the site corresponds to global trends. A growing recent trend involves reasonable use of the inner space of the house. People around the world began to take a practical and very pragmatic approach to the selection of suburban property. Gone is the fashion for large spaces, the priority now is compactness, coziness and maximum comfort, "smart" space, which brings in more and more conscious people. And it is exactly what the whole concept of our BBH facility is based on.

All of this makes Blackberry Hills townhouses a valid investment and a good choice whether you plan to live and raise your children here or use it as an investment solution to preserve and increase your capital